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Vaping Wholesale: A Guide To Supplying Your Vape Shop

Vape shops are opening constantly around the globe. But let's focus on the North American buyer. With constant changes in regulation and the FDA stopping in to check on the goings-on, it's important to understand the way to buy from a vape wholesaler.

So in this guide, we will answer the most questioned aspects of the business and allow some insight into how to run your own vape store.

Purchasing products for your vape shop can be one of the most important aspects of running a business in this industry. Of course, there are employees and rent, all of that matters, but if you don't have a good product, and a supply of said product, you're in trouble. It can be quite a daunting task as well and this means that you'll likely want to figure out a better way to go about this.

There are a few questions we need to ask to make sure that the supply buying goes in our favor.

First, because there are a vast number supply companies in the world we need to do our research. Find out which companies have notoriety, both good and bad. Who do you do business with, and what should be avoided?

Should I Order My Vape Products From China?

The first decision that you need to make is whether you’ll be ordering primarily from US-based wholesalers, or directly from China. Ordering directly from China may seem attractive at first because of cost, but there are drawbacks. For instance, when UK companies order from China, they need someone to be on the ground in Beijing to make sure that the product lives up to the promised standards.

What are some of the benefits of ordering wholesale and overseas?

  • Lower pricing

  • First access to new products

  • Access to a wider variety of products

  • Being able to order the same products indefinitely

  • Almost never out of stock

Cons of ordering wholesale vape products from China?

  • Much longer lead and shipping times

  • Time zone difference

  • Little to no protection from unscrupulous companies

  • Questionable quality

For the vast majority of shops, ordering directly from China will not make sense.

Let's say you are ordering in huge quantities, the prices are not much lower than at US-based wholesalers. The savings that you may get from ordering direct are usually eaten up by expensive shipping costs. The real benefits don’t start kicking in until you start ordering extremely high amounts, however, the vaping market is at a volatile point, so what happens if you aren't able to move the huge quantity you bought from overseas.

Pros to ordering vape product from US distributors:

  • Fast shipping

  • Customer service and support

  • Regular business hours that will match up to your own

  • Supporting your economy

Cons of ordering vape products from US distributors:

  • Limited product selection

  • Popular items go out of stock quickly

  • Products typically only kept in stock 3-4 months before closeout

  • Slightly higher pricing for products

Being able to rely on fast shipping and quick turnaround times will enable you to carry less inventory on hand, which will free up cash to spend in other areas to grow your business.

If you have issues with products that you purchased from a US based wholesaler, they will be more lenient on returns. This will allow you to sell products with confidence.

The drawbacks of ordering from US based wholesalers can largely be mitigated by shopping around.

How To Decide Which Wholesale Company Is Right For Your Vape Shop

This is probably the question that I see asked most frequently. There’s not just one company that will be the final answer to all of your ordering challenges, though there are plenty that will meet your needs.

Here are a few criteria to look for:


Ideally, you want to find at least one wholesale company that is located in the same region as you. The closer, the better for shipping costs. Additionally, when you run out of a specific product you want to have an option available that can get you quickly.


Just like vape shops, wholesale companies have preferences when it comes to which manufacturers they like to do business with. You will want to align yourself with wholesale companies that carry a larger selection from the brands you prefer. You will pay a higher price for the same product at a wholesale business that does not order as much of that product than you would at a company who buys from that manufacturer consistently.

Warranty / Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Policy:

Make sure you understand the warranty and RMA policies. This is where being detail oriented will come in handy.  Many shops will decide where to purchase based on price alone. You may be able to purchase the same product cheaper somewhere else, but you need to make sure that there is a good RMA process in place before you do business.

Some companies will ask you to pay for shipping items back to them, some companies have a very short window that items can be returned, and others will flat out refuse almost any return you send them for arbitrary reasons.

The few dollars that you could potentially save during the purchase won’t help you if you’re sitting on a pile of defective merchandise that you can’t do anything with. So be sure to understand these agreements fully.

Should I Buy My E-Liquids From Distribution Companies?

It is recommended that shop owners purchase e-liquid directly from the manufacturer when possible.

Generally speaking, you will pay more for e-liquid at a distribution company than you will from the manufacturer. However, there are certain circumstances where it can make sense:

You love the product but it is difficult to order in a timely manner: reasons might include that the service is difficult or the manufacturer is difficult to contact, perhaps the manufacturer’s shipping time is slow or expensive. You’re willing to pay a higher premium to order everything from the same place.

Why buy e-liquid directly from the manufacturer?

We generally see that the manufacturer offers a lower price-point. Manufacturers are constantly working on the next best thing so you as a customer get faster access to new products. Manufacturers also offer extras, often in the form of samples, free product/swag, and advertising. Nothing looks worse than a blank vape shop, so make sure to snag some of the extras so you can decorate the shop in a clean and professional way.

Many business owners understand that it is important to make every dollar that you spend go as far as possible. So to recap, make sure to align yourself with 3-5 US-based hardware wholesalers based on the criteria above, and cross-shop each of them every time you order. If you found this guide helpful, please give it a share, and make sure to comment with your own tips. Still searching for more information on the subject? Check out our blog!

Epic Stranomenon Eliquid

Mixologists and vaping experts alike have some very discerning taste buds, and we wanted to highlight some of the best e-juice flavors that have been seen over the course of 2018. Since the year is almost out, it's time to weigh in on what we think will win big by the end of the year. It's just our way of highlighting products that the site sells in an informational way.

So sit back, relax, and please don't start a civil war just yet, but these are our picks. By no means is this the end all be all compendium.

Obviously, this is a close race with every flavor we have ever offered to all the latest releases, we’re pretty sure these are the hottest vape juices right now. However, since the flavor quality is subjective to the individual, so don't send the hate mail, just recommend your favorite vape juice in the comments.

So, without further ado, let’s answer the question: What's the best vape juice for 2018?

Stranomenon Strawberry Hard Candy

First up is an all-around victorious vape. What is it already?

Stranomenon is an explosion of strawberry flavor! Just like those favorite hard candies in the red and green foil wrapper, but way better, and they haven't been hanging around in anyone's purse for an extended amount of time. These would have to be the kind with a super sweet center that adds a fun gush of tasty goodness. Super, sweet yet authentic with fruit flavor, these are a treat to behold. The Stranomenon Strawberry has earned a lot of accolades so maybe it's time to see what the hype is all about!  

Keep in mind this is a 70% VG, so if you're interested in producing more vapor but the throat/lung hit that you experience is lessened, then this is a good go-to e-liquid.

Often we find that the big time cloud chasers are touting a bottle of this.  

Another nice highlight of this medium ground vape liquid is that it doesn't go full VG max. 100% VG means that the juice is made purely of vegetable glycerin and/or water with flavoring and nicotine (in most cases). Another way to look at it is that 100% VG means that the juice, in theory, should be “propylene glycol free” which is often the other component that makes up e-juices.

This 70/30 balance gives a nice way to the cloud-heavy e-liquid but doesn't go full tilt on us. If you're searching for a middle ground in all things, as many of us should, then this is a good start for those still interested in blowing clouds.

ADV Cool Minute Melon

ADV stands for All-Day Vape. Thus, you might have an idea of the intent of this company. They want you to be satisfied with your vape juice all day long.

Since this is a flavor that's meant to be enjoyed for longer periods of time, you'll find that hits the sweet spot just right.

The ADV Cool Minute Melon is a delicious melon mixed with a cool icy touch that will keep on going throughout the day. Perhaps you're not interested in the constant influx of dessert-flavored vapes then you want something more mellow, but not a menthol flavor. Here's a great foray into tastes in-between.

Many vapers that we speak to feel like the dessert flavors can wear-out their welcome on the palate over time, so combine the two worlds of vape flavors, without going full steam ahead into the tobacco or menthol flavors is exactly what the people request.

Sasha by Juice Guys E-Liquid


A magical mixture of ripe strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries that are so delightfully juicy and slightly sour topped with smooth, sweet cream that adds a light layer of decadents to this fresh fruity treat. Authentic, high-quality flavors make this vape juice a smash hit! This is an 80 VG blend so stronger on the cloud density. It's got a red bottle with a red dropper to match the tone of the flavor, but the vape juice itself is actually not red at all.

Sasha by Juice Guys has got a nice inhale with the sweet cream emphasized. However, unlike the typical bittersweet cream that is either from the base or the fruit texture, this is a juice taste and thus means it's got a wet mouthfeel that is to be desired in an 80/20 blend. Though this is less of a throat hit vape, it still means that there are a lot of wonderful tastes coming through.

Instead of adding sweetener it seems like this product is based around delivering balanced fruits and a more natural sweetness.

Vape Storm Veruca

Vape Storm Veruca is a name that just rolls off the tongue. It gets stuck in your head and doesn't go away. But there's more than just a catchy title to this brand of e-liquid.

Vape Storm makes a little over ten juices in the line. This one, in particular, is a blueberry flavored e-liquid, and one can tell by taking a whiff from the bottle itself. Certainly, it is less of a candy smell and more focused on delivering an actual semblance of fruit. When one fires it up in a vape, the first thing you'll notice in this 80/20 is the dense vapor production.

For those chasing clouds, the Vape Storm Veruca vape is great, and for flavor production, this is also a winner. It's not going to impart an artificial flavor either. There's is a slight trace of sweetener, but nothing is oversaturated in this. Very balanced, and if you're not interested in a throat hit, then this is for you. Simply smooth.

Dead Presidents Jefferson E-Liquid

Fresh-baked muffin with a blueberry glaze, in a Gorilla bottle with a price point that is almost as good as the taste. This is more on the cereal side of the taste spectrum (we had to have just one right?) Some will say it's blended to perfection and find it not too dry, and not too wet.

Some hints of lemon might be predominant in the initial smell from the Dead Presidents Jefferson e-liquid. This is a 70/30 blend that owns the description fully.

The taste is a perfect match with cream and sweetness, but the citrus flavors mellow out the overall palette.

This makes our list of five essential e-liquids for 2018 complete. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

If you were wondering about the criteria for the list then let us dove into the immense categoricals for deciding on the best e-liquids.

What Makes A Good E-liquid for Vaping?

If you're visiting the vape shop you know those dark amber bottles full of golden delicious e-liquid. You know that they take the guesswork out of steeping and mixing your own e-liquid. The best flavors, all generously steeped, just for you and ready to vape as soon as you pop the seal. These pre-steeped vape flavors are at the top of the charts and deciding which one is best can be quite difficult, so before we dive into what the criteria for a choosing a vape liquid is, here's what you need to know about steeped e-liquid.

First off let's discuss the actual steeping process.

Steeping: Steeping is a process that takes longer in high VG juice because they’re thick. It can take longer if you’re steeping e-juices based on multi-flavor recipes. On the flipside, some high PG e-juices can be vaped right away without any steeping.

Thinning High-VG E-Juices: In case you have made e-juice using a ratio of VG, there might be an issue with wicking dense fluid with your coil. Pour in distilled water to your juice, so it thins out a little. This way, the cotton will be more absorbent to the fluid.

This is a constant battle with some of the sweeter e-liquid, so be on the watch for that aspect of those vape juices in particular. So know when to change the cotton in your vape.

Nicotine and Flavorings: Most flavor concentrates and nicotine come with a PG base. You need to make an important consideration about this when you are making an e-juice with high VG; if the juice has higher percentages of nicotine and flavor, the level of VG drops even more. You will also find nicotine, and flavorings in VG, but this is not yet commonly sold.

What Is The Right VG/PG Blend for You?

To summarize, here are the best things to look out for when choosing an e-liquid.

Choose a higher PG ratio for:

  • Higher throat hit

  • Stealth vaping

  • Easy cleanup

Choose a higher VG ratio for:

  • Added sweetness

  • Cloud-chasing

  • Smooth flavor

You might have to experiment with different combinations of the two to find your ideal VG/PG blend. Just remember that the ideal flavor, throat hit and vapor depend on many other factors such as the nid you're using, the quality of the e-juice, and voltage/wattage setting on said mod.

Responding to consumer concerns that two chemicals found in popular e-liquids – diacetyl and acetoin – can be harmful when vaporized and inhaled, vape juice manufacturers have started to remove these compounds from their e-juices.

In addition, DIY vape juice makers have also started to create organic vape juice, in the hopes that they can make a suitable, and safer alternative to mass-produced e-liquids. If you're concerned about the chemicals being imparted in the e-liquids you consume, make sure to ask questions, check out the bottle, and do your research.

PG and VG are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, odorless liquids that are mixed with nicotine and flavor additives to make e-juice or e-liquids for vaporizers. PG and VG have different consistencies, and each contributes a different taste to vape juices. PG and VG have different sensations in the mouth and throat, and the two are often combined.

The majority of e-liquids combine the two fluids, and their proportions can vastly differ. New vapers and those looking to try new vape juices need to know the correct ratio to get the ideal flavor, vapor thickness, and throat hit.

What is E-Liquid?

Sounds pretty basic, and maybe this is the wrong time to answer this question, but here are the basics that you should know:

eLiquid is the fluid that fuels the Electronic Cigarette. It is what provides the nicotine solution and the flavoring to your Electronic Cigarette. It creates the vapor in which you exhale that mimics the traditional smoke from analog cigarettes.

E-liquid uses base ingredients to create a smooth flavor. This base can consist of PG (Propylene Glycol),  VG (Vegetable Glycerin) or both.

Most of our e-liquids have mixes containing 70% PG/VG 30% to 50% PG/VG 50%.  PG and VG are combined with natural or artificial flavors such as vanilla or apple which creates unique and satisfying flavor profiles.

What different strengths does e-liquid come in?

E-liquids are offered in 5 different strengths:

  1. None – 0mg Nicotine

  2. "Extra Light" – 6mg Nicotine

  3. "Light" – 12mg Nicotine

  4. "Regular" – 18mg Nicotine

  5. "High" – 24mg Nicotine

Can E-liquid Expire?

Now there is no official expiration of E-Liquid established as of now, but you are safe to base the life of E-Liquid off of the PG, VG, and Nicotine, which if stored correctly, you can expect to last for 1-2 years

What is PG or Propylene Glycol?

Propylene Glycol is used as a flavoring carrier in food products, as an ingredient in food coloring and also used as an additive in various medicines. A combined base of PG/VG blend is much more smooth then 100% PG base. Propylene Glycol is non-toxic.

That said, most e-liquids have expiration dates set for one to two years.

Here's why: Three important components of e-liquid – nicotine, PG, and VG – all have an established shelf life of about 2 years if stored in the correct conditions. However, when exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat, these three components begin to break down sooner.

So be careful that you store your e-liquid in a proper place.

What is VG or Vegetable Glycerin?

Vegetable Glycerin is a sweet, thick, vegetable-based liquid. 100% VG base is very thick and hard to smoke effectively. A combined PG/VG blend is recommended. Vegetable Glycerin is non-toxic.

How Are PG and VG Different?

PG is less viscous than VG, so it provides a better throat hit but makes the vapor plumes comparatively less dense. VG has thicker vapor and tastes slightly sweeter than PG, though PG is considered more flavorful than VG. VG is often considered smoother than PG, and some vendors will provide 100% VG mixes for sub-ohm vaping.

Now propylene glycol is the most commonly used base for electronic cigarettes. It tends to be very thick, which can make it easy to have a mess on your hands. It will also drip much faster into the electronic cigarettes wick and atomizer, making you burn through your liquid fairly quickly.

The thinner liquid does mean that the e-cig is easier to clean though. It won’t make a mess of the coils or the inside of the tank as much as the vegetable glycerin, so it makes cleaning a little faster and easier for you.

Propylene is also considered a humectant, which means it keeps things moist. That’s a good thing when it comes to the kind of hit it can deliver. It offers a strong, pleasing hit to the back of your throat, much like tobacco does. The propylene on its own offers no taste, so it won’t interfere with the flavors of your liquid.

The one thing you have to watch out for with Propylene is that some people can have an allergic reaction. If you have a reaction in your throat from using it, you should stop and switch over to vegetable glycerin right away.

The vegetable glycerin based e-liquids are a little thicker and little sweeter.

There is a distinctive taste to it that, while slight, will affect the flavoring a little bit. The thickness of it means that it is prone to stick to the sides of the tank and the coil, making it a bit of a pain to clean up. You can use alcohol-dipped swabs get a proper cleaning, so it's a good idea to keep that with your vape kit.

Vegetable glycerin seems to be easier for most people, with very limited instances of allergic reactions being reported. But some people have reported getting a phlegm buildup after using the vegetable base for an extended period of time.

The thicker liquid makes for thicker plumes of smoke, which many people find more pleasant. But this doesn’t make for a more pleasing throat hit, and the thickness of the liquid detracts from the sensations most vapers are looking for.

Which One Is Better?

The choice of which one of these to use is really up to personal preference. Most people tend to go for the propylene, which may be why manufacturers have opted to include it as the standard in most e-liquid selections.

Because vegetable glycerin distorts the flavor, propylene offers a truer experience. The only real advantage the vegetable glycerin has over its counterpart is its thicker plumes. Many vapers love the sensation the thick plumes of smoke provide, and they may miss not getting that experience from the propylene.

If you want to forget about the difficulties of choosing between PG and VG, simply choose from the ready-made best recipes.

PG is an ingredient often present in asthma inhalers, pet food, oral or topical medical products, and even beauty products. VG has been used as a sweetener and can be present in beauty products like makeup, mousse, bubble bath, deodorant, and aftershave. It is also found in pet food, hand cream, pills, and toothpaste.

The side effects that people commonly experience from overuse are dry mouth, increased thirst, and sore throat. Drink plenty of water or stop vaping for a while if needed. Check out our guide for more information on the side effects of chain vaping.

What is Steeping?

Steeping is the natural oxidation process that occurs over time that allows e-liquid to reach its full flavor. Typically, this can be achieved just by playing the waiting game.

It's like aging a fine wine but takes a significantly shorter period of time. The longer you wait to vape your e-juice, the more the flavor develops. This can take anywhere from a couple days (the time spent in the mail) to a couple months, depending on the flavor.

A good rule of thumb is the lighter the flavor, the shorter the steep time. A hearty tobacco e-liquid may take longer to steep than a light and fruit-flavored e-juice. Tobacco flavors reach their full potential around the 1 to 2-month mark and get better with age.

Due to the steeping process, it is recommended that you shake your e-juice upon receiving it in the mail (this helps with steeping as well), then sample the flavor. This way you can gauge your level of satisfaction immediately, and you can decide if the flavor is perfect as is, or if it needs more time to develop.

If you feel your flavor requires steeping time, then it's recommended that you tuck your e-liquid away in a dark cabinet for a few days and try it again later (remember to shake before every use, as flavors can separate).  If you shake your e-liquid every couple days, open the cap and squeeze out any air to allow fresh air into the bottle, then recap the bottle, you will help accelerate the steeping process.

Can You Steep Your Own E-liquid?

Home steeping your own e-liquid can be a challenge. When you DIY your own liquids, you open up an entirely new world of vaping though. You can create your own flavors or try and replicate your favorites.

Does eJuice Damage Plastic Tanks?

Some juice flavors, commonly known as 'tank crackers', contain elements that can cause damage to certain plastic tanks. Although there are several different kinds of plastics used to make tanks, we recommend erring on the side of caution, even though some plastics will not crack.

Damage to plastic tanks can range from etching the inside of the tank to causing it to crack completely in half.

Common juice flavors that may cause this:

  • Juices that contain lemon flavoring

  • Juices that contain orange flavoring

  • Juices that contain a high volume of citric acid (commonly found in lemon, orange, and the like)

  • Juices that contain anise (black licorice flavor)

  • Juices that contain cinnamon

Be one the lookout for these kinds of ingredients and flavors. However, this is sort of a problem of old, most of these flavors have been done with other flavorings now.


What is Diacetyl?

Diacetyl is an organic compound that appears either yellow or green in liquid with an intensely buttery flavor.

Diacetyl is also a chemical that was found to be a prominent volatile constituent in butter flavoring and air at the microwave popcorn plant initially investigated by NIOSH. Quite a few of the workers became sick with bronchiolitis and that is why some call it Popcorn Lung. As a result of the workers becoming very ill, the major popcorn manufacturers have removed Diacetyl from their products.

The knowledge on Diacetyl and Popcorn Lung become important in vaping because there could be Diacetyl in some flavoring used to make e-liquids. Most e-liquid companies will send their e-liquid to be tested for Diacetyl, and you should be aware of such testing to better protect yourself.

Of course, one should always use caution when vaping a new e-liquid and never vape too much in one sitting. if you’re starting vaping with a more powerful device and a high-vapor tank, you’ll want to adjust your starting nicotine level appropriately too.

As always, if you’re uncertain, don’t hesitate to contact your local vape shop where properly trained customer service experts can consult with you regarding the device you’re using and the nicotine level you might want to start with. If you're looking for more information on vaping to make a better-informed purchasing decision then check out the rest of our blog for more information on subjects like this.

Old Man Vaping

A Parent's Guide to Vaping

People sometimes need reminders about how to discuss topics like vaping with their kids. As a vaper, it is your responsibility to educate your kids about products like e-cigs, despite the fact that they’re legal for adults. If you really want to help the vaping community, it truly starts at home.

Vaping and Safety with Small Children

Toddlers are curious and they explore the world with their mouths, so we have to be mindful of what is within their reach. It’s easy to forget about their perspective, but it’s far easier than having to deal with poison control.

We can all help prevent such poisonings by keeping harmful items out of reach and out of sight, in the places where children live or even if they're just visiting.

Keep e-cig liquids and devices up and out of sight of young children.

Consider using a locking cabinet, safe, or locking pouches or bags. Always remember that young children can get into purses, bags and coat pockets that are within reach. E-cig users should refill and use devices away from children. Here's a few bullet points that you can keep in mind:

  • Safely throw away old containers of liquid nicotine, in a garbage container children can’t access.

  • Be clear in telling your children that you don’t want them to use nicotine.

  • Make sure if you buy e-liquid that it uses child-resistant packaging.

  • Know the poison center number: 1-800-222-1222. Program the number in your cell phone and ask all of your child’s caregivers to do the same. Call right away if you think a child has been exposed to an e-cigarette or liquid nicotine.

Vaping Rules for Teens

In the news lately, we are hearing more and more about JUUL and its effect on the teen populous. This likely comes after reports of one of the more staggering statistics that shows e-cig use has increased 900% in high school students from 2011-2015.

Vaping, which is also coming to be known as JUULing, is becoming more popular with youth in middle school and high school. JUULing refers to the popular compact vaping device if you weren’t aware. Be clear in telling your children that you don’t want them to use nicotine.

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs or vaporizers don’t have the loathsome smell, the ash or the traces of cigarette butts remaining after use. Obviously vapor evaporates in the air more quickly than smoke. This makes it difficult for you as a parent to spot use in your teenager. Often compact devices, like the JUUL, are easily concealable. Some devices are hard to distinguish from a normal pen, a USB memory stick or any other handheld gadget.

If your child is vaping secretly, it can be extremely hard to catch them.

This really is a predicament for parents, however, with some inside info and a little effort you can find out whether or not your kid is flirting with vaping, and can also try to keep them away from it.

Did you know that vapers can develop a sensitivity to caffeine, and in case your kid loved coffee or Red Bulls but suddenly stops chugging on them, vaping could be the cause?

Be a responsible parent and a responsible vaper, and remember that some vaping gear isn’t exactly child-proof. Always keep your e-cigs and other vaping gear away from your kids as it can pose several hazards.

And that’s something you don’t want to happen. Remember, just locking away the vaporizer in a safe place isn’t enough. You should make sure that kids can’t get their hands on anything that’s related to your hobby. For example, e-liquids may contain nicotine, which can be poisonous if ingested. Although, most e-liquid packings are child-proof, but you don’t want to take any chances.

How to talk to your teenager about vaping:

  • Make sure to mention that because young brains are still developing, scientific studies show that it isn’t safe for you to use any tobacco product that contains nicotine, including e-cigarettes.

  • Whether you get nicotine from an e-cigarette or a cigarette, it’s still risky.

  • Improper use with e-cigarette batteries have led to them exploding and hurting people.

Deglamorize Vaping

Let’s face it, modern e-cigs and vaping gear look impressive from even an engineering perspective, to say the least. Try not to vape in front of your kids, but if you must, explain that you only do it for harm-reduction from tobacco, and try to look as uncool as possible when vaping.  It means no cloud chasing or vaping tricks in front of the kids, and even conceal your vaporizer if it looks too sleek and elegant.

Doing what is best for your kids can be easy as talking with them and discussing things calmly. Vaping is for smoking cessation and getting kids hooked on nicotine should be no ones prerogative. As always, practice safety when vaping, and keep your children safe in the process.

For more info on safe vaping, please visit our blog.

What Is In Ejuice

If you’ve heard the term “e-juice”, “vape juice” or “e-liquid” before and not been sure what it was or what was in it, then we will explain shortly. One of the strangest things about the media outlook on vaping is that they never seem to cover the actual substance that people are vaping in mass.

Now, we don't want to tell you what to believe, but we should discuss the main ingredients in vape liquid.

With the popularity of personal vaporizers and box mods on the rise, e-juice and vape juice culture have become a huge part of vaping from sea to shining sea. There's organic e-liquids, dessert e-liquids and the term all-day vape comes to mind quite often.

To clarify, e-juice, vape juice and e-liquid, and all the other terms that come into popularity as of late are all terms to describe the same thing and can be used interchangeably to describe the same substance.

E-liquid is the fluid used in vaporizers and personal electronic cigarettes that creates the actual vapor. It contains nicotine but can be made without nicotine depending on personal preference.

So there are options for many vapers.

At this point in 2018, all e-liquid you find on the market is going to be kosher, diacetyl-free and registered with the FDA.

The vaporizer heats up the e-juice to between 200 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit which turns it into the vapor that you then inhale. E-juice or vape juice is a mixture of water, food-grade flavoring, a choice of nicotine levels or zero nicotine, and propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG).

Food grade flavoring is the same type of flavoring that is used in foods and is safe to consume.

Propylene Glycol is a substance that is used in many flavorings to help distribute the taste and any food grade flavoring evenly throughout the liquid. PG is used in vanilla extracts, food coloring, and in various types of medicines.

Vegetable Glycerin is a vegetable based liquid that is thick and sweet.

VG and PG make up about 90% of the contents in e-liquid with nicotine and food grade flavoring making up the remaining 10%.

Propylene Glycol


Propylene glycol liquid is typically thinner than vegetable glycerin based e-liquid. This makes it easier for the wax or cotton on the atomizer to absorb the liquid.

Because it is thinner in consistency, it will typically produce less residue on the tank and atomizer. This makes for a much cleaner vaping experience.

PG e-juice or vape juice has no flavor at all which means it will have no impact on the overall flavor of the e-liquid.

It produces a better throat hit similar to smoking a cigarette. Many users love this sensation and choose PG e-liquid for this reason.

Some users have reported experiencing an allergic reaction to PG e-juice or vape juice.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin-based vape juice tends to be a bit thicker and more viscous. Because of this, it tends to produce more residue and build-up on vaporizer parts and can also reduce the lifespan of atomizers if you aren't careful. So make sure to apply regular maintenance if you're using this kind of vape device more regular.

VG e-juice or vape juice has a sweet taste to it. It is commonly used as a sweetener in sugar replacements.

VG e-juice or vape juice produces thicker clouds of vapor due to its overall denser composition. This is one of the main benefits of using VG over PG.

With e-juice or vape juice, most users report a minimal throat hit in comparison to PG liquids. VG e-liquid tends to produce a smoother hit.

Few people have reported experiencing allergic reactions to VG e-juice or vape juice. Some people have reported that phlegm can build up in the throat after using VG e-juice or vape juice regularly.


Whether you choose a VG or PG it comes down to personal preference. Want a bigger throat hit? PG is the way to go. Looking to blow out enormous, thick clouds of vapor? VG is the best bet. If you want a bit of both worlds, then search for e-liquids that combine a mixture of the two.

Try both types as well as the hybrid mixtures to determine which one you prefer.

The Nicotine Component of E-liquid

Electronic cigarettes came onto the scene, made a scene, and have stayed ever popular since their arrival. The most obvious reason for their accolades is that they come as an alternative to combustible cigarettes.

Vaping gives people the substance they crave, nicotine, without the known carcinogens and harmful properties found in traditional cigarettes.

While nicotine is the addictive substance in traditional cigarettes, it is the long-term exposure to the additional ingredients in cigarettes (smoke, tar and a variety of toxic components) that inflames the airways and makes them dangerous.

Over the years there have been a handful of smoking cessation tools made available to the general public (nicotine gum and patches, for example), and there is no doubt that these have helped some people kick the habit; however, nothing has had quite the impact or lasting power of electronic cigarettes. This is likely due to the habit of actually putting the cigarette to your mouth and taking a drag. Now vaping ahs replace that sensation.

The Habit

Smoking is habitual not only because of its addictive properties but also because people get used to the act of holding something in their hand and drawing off of it. People have had more success with quitting using electronic cigarettes because it does not take anything away from them in the process. They are able to go about their day as they normally would, just with a cooler, more Star Trek looking device in their hand.

Now that nicotine is in the news, it's important to understand how the substance can affect the body. We recommend looking over our chain vaping guide to the substance as to better inform and protect yourself from the side-effects of nicotine.

Many studies have been conducted, and many have reached the same answer: that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than tobacco. The UK’s Public Health England (PHE) announced this in 2015. We look forward to more research being conducted with this subject matter so we can better inform users.

There are plenty of vapers who enjoy the more traditional, tobacco-like taste of analog cigarettes, and there are certainly e-liquid companies that happily cater to that niche.

Many vapers, however, have expanded their flavor palette and delved into the plethora of e-liquid options available on the market. Many vapers were able to make the switch from traditional cigarettes because they preferred the flavor menu provided by e-liquid. The typical cigarette flavors are likely no match for the ever expanding niche of flavored e-liquids though, as everything under the sun has been deemed far game for flavors.

As always, one should be safe with electronic cigarettes, when you start experimenting with flavors, make sure to watch how much you’re consuming. As always, please continue to follow the blog and give us your feedback in the comments.

Evod Like Vape

The Evod is a Bottom Coil Clearomizer, referred to in the vaping community as BCC, this means that the coil remains at the bottom of the atomizer, below the tank, and heats the juice, creating vapor, with the help of gravity.

An EVOD Vaporizer is turned on or off when the user presses the firing button located on the battery 5 consecutive times. You then hold the button again to start the vaporization process. EVOD is a consistently popular form of vaporizing, probably due to the ingenious engineering involved.

They also appeal to beginners as the minimalist design lends to the ability to change coil heads inexpensively and with ease. That's not to say that this design can't be customized like the experience cloud chasers like.

It isn't also to say that the EVODs don't have problems of their own.

EVODs, due to their bottom coil nature, still have issues like dry hits, gurgling and spitting, or not firing at all, it can be very difficult to troubleshoot this kind of problem if you don’t have a good understanding of how the device works.

Let's walk through how to troubleshoot this device, rather than just replacing your old coils. Let's start with the parts and how they function:

Coil Head

The coil head is basically where the vapor is created. The coil head screws into the base and threads into the tube in the middle of the top cap.

The Tank and Drip Tip

This piece is pretty self-explanatory if you're a seasoned vaper. This is the reservoir where the juice is stored. EVODs also have a built-in drip tip.

Base Component

The base has to thread on the top portion for screwing in the Coil Head and then has to thread on the underside for screwing on to a battery/mod. The Evod will use Ego Threading (female), meaning it will only screw on to a connection like an eGo Battery. This will also depend upon what kind of batteries you are using.

How do you fill an EVOD vape?


First, let's cover the proper way to fill this device and then we will discuss the problems that can occur with one. To fill with e-liquid simply follow these two steps exactly.


1. Simply remove the Tank from your device and then turn upside and unscrew the base piece in an anti-clockwise direction.

2) This reveals the filling area. Add liquid avoiding the center tube/airhole and being careful not to overfill.

Always remember that with any vaping device that batteries, chargers, and AC wall adaptors must be matched up according to specifications. Using an inappropriate charger or wall adaptor could cause damage resulting in a fire or explosion with the battery. This was relatively common a few years ago when mismatched batteries, chargers and wall adaptors were used by uninformed users.

Evod/eGo batteries are LiPo or LiPoly in chemistry type and cannot be charged properly with other wall adapters that one would find with say an iPhone or android charger.

So now that you have a good idea of what all the components are and how they function, you can use this to solve common problems. Let’s look at a few.

My Evod Has a Burnt Taste

Tasting burnt e-liquid? No one wants this. One can likely determine then that it is an issue with the wick. What can happen is that the wick won't get proper saturation and thus when heat is applied a burnt taste will occur. One easy way to check this is to pop off the top cap and get a visual on it. Does the coil look dirty and grimy?

The solution is to simply change out the wick and ensure proper saturation in the future.

My Evod is Flooded

If your EVOD is flooded and you’re getting a mouth full of juice and very little vapor, it is probably flooded. This is the opposite of burning basically and means too much liquid has gotten into the chamber

An easy solution is to unscrew your coil head from the base. Grab a paper towel and hold it over the bottom of the coil head, and blow through the top cap. If your tank was flooded, you will probably notice e-juice being blown into your paper towel. This will likely clear the flooding issue. Otherwise, your atomizer is not secured to the deck.

My Evod Won’t Fire

If your EVOD won’t fire at all, the most like reason is a poor connection.

The connection is made between your mod/battery and the bottom pin. Always ensure that your selected atomizer makes full contact with the battery otherwise the device won’t fire at all.  

Getting familiar with the components is an important first step. Once you have begun to feel comfortable troubleshooting basic issues, you can move on to more advanced modifications that will make your vaping experience that much better. Check out the rest of our blog for more information on the subject of vape mods and device troubleshooting. Happy vaping!

Girl Vaping All Day

So you’re getting into vaping and curious about some of the jargon. Well, one term sticks out to us when first time users go to grab some e-liquid from their local vape shop: All-Day Vape. It’s important to discuss what this means, so the lingo doesn’t get taken out of context. Here’s our guide to All-Day Vapes and the cautions of Chain Vaping.

What is an All-Day Vape?

An All-Day Vape is an e-liquid that a vaper is happy to use all day. The flavor is mellow and doesn't get old after repetitive use.

Just as our taste buds get used to what-was-once bitter coffee, an e-liquid has the ability to adapt the palette and provide impressive results time and time again. For instance, one might prefer a flavor like spearmint, to vape over the course of a day or even week. It’s something you just won’t get sick of, unlike some of the wild vape flavor that exist out there. I’m looking at you nacho cheese e-liquid.

So keep in mind, the term doesn’t refer to the amount of time you vape for. Instead, an "all day vape" refers to a flavor and nicotine strength that you are comfortable using throughout the day.

Vapers have a wide range of flavors and nicotine strengths to choose from and frequently experiment to find an experience they’re happy with. However, we all have our favorites.

This term, all-day vape, came about as a way to define a vaper’s flavor of choice, but some caution should be instilled when discussing the term.

Whether you run a website or own a vape shop on, some of the most frequently asked questions incidentally are “Am I a chain smoker?” “Am I vaping too much” “How much is too much?”

This subject matter comes up a lot, and it’s understandable for someone who has just started vaping to seek answers to these questions.

What is Chain Vaping?

If you were a chain smoker in your previous career as a smoker then you might have some idea what it's like to be a chain vaper.

For those who aren’t familiar with the habit, you’ve probably come across those smokers who’d light one cigarette right after another—in a chain-like manner. Thus, the most fitting definition of chain vaping would be “hitting the vape regularly, almost constantly without putting your device down.” However, it can be difficult to know since the vaping device is one self-contained unit.

A person who has their e-cigarette all the time, but never constantly lights them up wouldn’t be considered a chain vaper. The unfortunate part of this though is that there are certain side effects that users experience when they vape too frequently.

Dangers of Chain Vaping

The topic of the danger of vaping has undergone scrutiny for years now. It should be noted though that if you start to feel nauseous or the effects of dehydration, then a break from nicotine is in order.

So one tends to ask the question, can you really vape yourself to a nicotine overdose?

The estimated lower dose that would initiate a nicotine overdose is between 500 and 1000 milligrams. To overdose, one would need to vape about 40 milliliters of an e-liquid containing nicotine from a standard 12mg/ml individual vaping e-liquid device.

Even if you are to use a higher device with 18mg/ml concentration, you’d require approximately 28 milliliters to reach an overdose. Your body also processes nicotine very quickly, but some people, depending on diet, age, and other health factors could have a lower threshold. So it's important to be cautious and practice safe vaping.

What Are the Symptoms of Nicotine Overdose?

If you continue to vape beyond your threshold, you may experience a degree of discomfort from nicotine.

Symptoms of nicotine poisoning may include agitation, confusion, headache, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and increased salivation. More serious symptoms of nicotine poisoning include slow heart rates, seizures, coma, and respiratory failure (in full worse scenario). For these reasons, nicotine should be handled with safety and kept away from children, pets, and food. Always store your e-liquid in child-safe containers.

The main culprit that causes vaping-induced dehydration is found in the e-liquid itself—propylene glycol (PG).

The name of this e-juice component isn’t all too important in this discussion, but what you need to know is that it is a hygroscopic substance. This means that it can bind with water molecules in your body, so when you vape PG will absorb water from your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Not everyone will experience dehydration while vaping since the strength of the side effect has a lot to do with a person’s biological makeup and a natural sensitivity to the compound. Those who are chain vaping are more likely to experience dehydration due to the amount of PG intake as well as the extended amount of vaping. Make sure to stay hydrated in order to counteract the dehydration symptoms.

The common symptoms of chain vaping dehydration include:

  • Fatigue

  • Dark appearance of urine

  • Dry mouth and eyes

  • Abnormal thirst

  • Headaches and Nausea

Can Someone be Allergic to E-liquid?

Allergies and sensitivities to vaping flavors are common. One of the regular discussion regarding allergies among chain vapers is a supposed allergy to PG. While there is a possibility of severe PG, most vapers commonly experience mild sensitivity to this compound. The symptoms of PG sensitivity are like those of dehydration, and in most cases, the two are inseparable. Other vapers have also reported allergies to other e-liquid components such as vegetable glycerin (VG). Sensitivities and allergies to flavoring can be life-threatening since some have traces of food like peanuts. Therefore, if you have doubts over a certain e-liquid, you should contact the manufacturer, or move on to something else.

Vaper's Tongue

This common vaping side effect is also related to dehydration, in which, the vaper’s mouth and tongue get extremely dry, and taste buds get dulled. This is the reason why most describe the feeling as “All liquids taste the same!” In most cases, vaper’s tongue is a result of too much vaping without fluid intake.

Now that you know what the characteristic dangers of vaping look like, it should be easy to spot these conditions in yourself and friends. It's good to be cognisant of how e-liquid interacts with your body, and for more information on these issues visit your local vape shop and continue to read our blog as we discuss more subjects like these.  

If you’re interested in finding the right e-liquid for you, try out our e-liquid finder.

People searching for a vape

With so many shops out there, hustling to sell vape gear to the masses, there are often a few overlooked items that can really make or break the business. If you’re new to vaping, the last thing you want is the cold shoulder when you ask a beginner question. So for all the vape salesmen and vape community members out there, here are the three things your local vape shop isn’t telling you. Cue the X-files theme!

1. How To Vape:

An often overlooked aspect of vaping is how you vape. Specifically, the way your mouth interacts with the vapor when inhaling. Many don’t give this a second thought, but a little knowledge could greatly improve your experience with your chosen vaping device. The trouble is, this is often an overlooked aspect of the process when selling a vape to someone.

The two main ways of taking a hit when vaping are Mouth-To-Lung and Direct Lung.

Seems obvious enough, and maybe that's why shops aren't dealing this knowledge like they are bottles of e-liquid. However, each technique produces very different results. There are a plethora of factors that make these hits possible. Things like ohm resistance, battery strength, and airflow, but it always depends on the way the user interacts with their kit. This is why you see some of the most intriguing cloud chasers online using the same mods as everyone else (okay, maybe slightly customized) but the emphasis here is on their technique.

Mouth To Lung

Mouth to lung vaping is when the user takes a mouthful of vapor first, before inhaling to the lungs. It’s similar to sucking on a straw: you take a long draw and let your mouth fill with vapor.

Once the user inhales, extra air, non-vapor air, will fill the lungs. This is similar to the way cigarettes are usually smoked, so if you're trying to quit smoking, this should be second nature. Long-time vapers will be accustomed to this technique, as the technical limitations of early commercial e-cigarettes suited this type of inhale.

The sensation is more subtle compared to direct lung hits but as vapor remains in the mouth for longer the flavor is more apparent. Cigars and cigarettes are usually smoked this way, so it can be especially useful for those trying to quit.

This style of vaping is best with tanks that use high ohm coils (1.0 ohm and above) such as the Aspire Vivi Nova S. This is where users will find a high ratio of propylene glycol E-juice, with whatever nicotine strength you prefer, to be optimal for the mouth to lung hits. If you have a sub-ohm tank, you might find that it gets much hotter when you try to vape with this style.

Due to the slow inhalation and the lesser temperature, the e-liquid is vaporized at a slower rate. This is the best economy of e-liquid, meaning your favorite juice will last longer.

In comparison to a direct lung inhale, a mouth to lung hit is less intense, so this is a good technique for beginners.

A direct lung hit is pretty self-explanatory, it is the process of drawing the vapor directly into your lungs. If you have a sub-ohm device then you'll find that this is easier to accomplish. You'll also want a powerful battery. Also, consider a wide bore drip tip for a device with more airflow. As for the e-liquid, consider a higher ratio of vegetable glycerin with a low nicotine strength, ideally around 3-6mg/ml.  

If you’re having difficulty figuring out what e-liquid is for going to vape best in your device, then consider using our e-liquid finder.

2. Vaping Etiquette

Vaping often gets a bad rap in the public eye, and it's our responsibility as a vaping community to dissuade them from thinking of negative stereotypes when vaping comes up. It seems like everyone has an opinion these days, so here's what you need to know about vaping etiquette.

Don’t vape where you wouldn’t smoke.

That seems to be the general rule, although there are some caveats to that rule too.

A basic rule of thumb though is that you shouldn't antagonize people if you vape in places where it is or is not allowed. A simple solution if you don't know the rules, is to simply ask.

And always ask permission before you vape.

There’s a fear with people who don’t understand it. And always be understand if they say they don’t allow vaping. It’s not your house so it’s not your rules. And by being a responsible and respectful person you change the way people view the vaping community.

Also, don’t use other’s people’s e-cigs without asking first. This is a weird behavior but believe me, it happens. Surely it’s only polite to ask if you can use someone’s e-cigarette, before picking it up and taking a puff.

3. Informing Without The Lingo

It's hard to understand all the lingo associated with vaping for someone just getting into the hobby, maybe they are just trying to quit smoking. Well, smoking cessation is terribly difficult for many people, and it could be even more difficult if they don't understand what kinds of products they need to purchase or how they work.

Many vape shops will do the bare minimum to inform a customer, and when this happens, it's likely that the customer won't be returning. People are easily embarrassed and often asking questions that seem simple is uncomfortable. If someone needs to know when to change the cotton in their vape, give them a simple rundown. So they avoid it altogether and guess what's easier than that: going back to old habits.

Trying to explain things in layman's terms is perhaps one of the most important things a vape shop employee can do. Don't make people feel like an outcast from the vaping community or they may not come back. It's just polite.

With these three things, you can find a vape shape that fits your needs. If you run a shop, maybe these are three key points to make your vape business run better. If you're simply a member of the community there are three ways one can be a better member and help the stigma of vaping desist. If you liked what you read, leave a comment, and check out the rest of our blog here.

Man Vaping

Wicking material in the vaping world has been a constant evolution from day one, once vaping became a phenomenon and the wheel was invented, many vape engineers started out by looking through cupboards in the kitchen or bathroom and finding the old bag of cotton balls.

This just wasn't sufficient, as the modern engineer knows, there's always room for improvement.

Today, one will find some supremely crafted cotton for purchase very easily. There's simply no need to dig through the drawers next to the bathroom sink in hopes of a fine wicking material.

Although more expensive than just plain cotton balls, many experts will preach that it is well worth the few extra dollars. Others disagree completely.

So whether you're looking to upgrade the wicking material in your device, or it's time for a bit of maintenance on the device, there are a few signs that it's time to change the cotton in your vape:

Lack Of Vapor Production

Even if you're not a cloud chaser, maybe you're just looking for a way to cease smoking, the first signs you will generally notice that your coil and wick are burning out is a lack of vapor production.

If your vapor starts to seem thinner, and the flavor starts to change in an unpleasant way, it usually means that your coil and wick are no longer doing their job. Over time this will devolve into even less vapor and a the flavor of the e-liquid will start to dissipate, try not to let it get this far.

If you have been using your vaporizer for a while, you should be able to tell when performance starts to decrease noticeably. At the first sign of decreased vapor production check your wick and coils to make sure they are okay. Since the average RDA will likely be taken at least partially apart on a regular basis, it will be easy to change coils or cotton on a regular basis and with ease.

Whenever you do so, make sure to check out your wicks for any signs of burnt ends or discoloration. This is a telltale sign.

Why is my cotton turning brown?

If cotton is getting overused one thing that can happen is discharge can build up around a coil. If you see a steady buildup on a daily basis, it might be because it's time for you to change your cotton wick and/or coil.

Tip: Always try to keep ahead of the curve by monitoring the color of your cotton. If you pull the rebuildable section apart you will see a dirty coil and/or dirty wick then you know it’s time to replace the appropriate parts.

Many RBA and RTA users will use their own homemade coil as the common thought is that you only have to change the cotton regularly. Just slide the cotton out of the coil, dry burn the coil and re-wick.


Replacing the coil about every third wick change is common practice but that depends on the concentration of the e-juice one is using. If it is a dark or sweet juice you may have to do it more often too.


Overall the best practice is to let the vape tell you.

Once there is a noticeable decrease in flavor, vape and wicking potential it is time to switch out. Of course, the biggest variables depend on the build, ohms of your coil, and watts vaped at.

How To Change the Cotton in your Device

Now that we've diagnosed how to spot an overused wicking material now we need to know how to change it out with ease. First, you'll need tweezers and a cotton ball or sufficient wicking material. It's best to have these in your travel case or home vape kit.

     1. Dissemble your mod to reveal the cotton wick.

     2. Remove the used cotton with tweezers


     3. Wipe down the coil and top to remove excess e-liquid

     4. Unravel the cotton ball. Twist the cotton
 to fit through the coil.

     5. Pull the cotton through the coil, cutting extra cotton off of the ends. When you start to tuck in the sides of the cotton, make certain to leave breathing room around the screw head

       6. Apply e-juice, making sure to evenly distribute about ten drops of e-juice, to cotton and on the coils as well. Let the juice soak into the fresh cotton to enhance flavor.

Now you’re ready to vape, but if you’re still stuck on the idea of using a cotton ball, then perhaps it's time to try something different. There are plenty of premium options for the genuine vape enthusiast.

Can I use any cotton for my vape?

You don't want to use just any cotton ball. The days of digging around our cupboards for cotton are over. There are premium wicks available online and the typical cotton balls you will find more often than not have been bleached or have other impurities that you simply don't want to vape. The best cotton you can get – is unbleached, organic cotton balls. Looking for an organic cotton marking is helping as the farmers do not use pesticides or other chemicals in the process.

Boiling cotton is recommended – that you boil all your cotton before using to vape. If you get the organic stuff you probably will be fine but it’s never a bad idea to purify the cotton.

However, one should not boil cotton balls in tap water. This is because tap water comes from one of two places: a well, or surface water. Both of these sources have their issues. The tap water gets treated before it reaches your house sure, but the treatment doesn’t take everything out of the water. Some tap water can actually put more impurities into the cotton than you originally had, from lead, copper, pesticides from runoff, and chlorine.

It is ideal to use bottled water to boil your cotton.

Premium and Craft Wicking Material

So the hassle of using your own cotton, sourcing it, boiling it, drying it and prepping for use is a bit of a drag. So what's the next step, how do we know what cotton is the best? There are a plethora of options available online and in your local vape store; here's the rundown.

Japanese Cotton

More expensive than simply buying cotton balls, of course. Many users report it to be considerably better wicking material than anything else on the market. So what makes it stand out from your traditional cotton ball?

Flavor delivery is said to be on par with the best and the durability is another factor that speaks volumes about the quality of Japanese cotton. For tank-style vaping systems this is likely the best wicking you will find for convenience sake.


Believe it or not, some vape experts swear by silica wicking. However, there has been some debate about the safety of Silica wicks. The main issues are found in crystalline silica. Crystalline Silica is the one kind of wicking that should be avoided.


Ekowool is silica that is braided so it leaves the center of the cord hollow. Some Ekowool has cotton in the center to aid wicking. One nice quality about Ekowool is its amazing fire resistance. Making it perfect for wicking, but because Ekowool is a silica, it possibly could have the same health concerns. It’s been said that Ekolwool could be less harmful due to the way it’s braided leaving less of a chance of fibers coming off and into your lungs.


Hemp is also said to have a woodsy taste to it and the best flavors you use it with are tobacco blends, custards, and other heavy flavors. The manufacturers say it gives you the cleanest vape, so it’s worth checking out. You want to make sure you get the unwaxed hemp, some people suggest boiling your hemp for the same reasons mentioned above, in reference to cotton.

Wickless Coils

These kinds of vapes are more or less the same concept as stainless steel cord/mesh, but these ones you build yourself out of Kanthal. Kanthal is a very durable but manipulatable metal that many vape enthusiasts love.

How to Properly Change E-liquid Flavors

Now that you know all about wicking materials and how to change your cotton, it's time to learn about how flavors affect your wicking and why changing cotton when switching flavors are so important.

This is a hotly debated subject. To change coils and wicks every time you change e-liquid flavors, that is the question.

Since the wick absorbs the liquid and carries it to the coils, it is impossible to completely rid your wick of the previous flavor when you switch to the new one. That is simply a fact. If you like finding a hint of your last flavor in your new vape, then feel free to leave the wick if it's not well-used. However, it is recommended that you go ahead and change out parts.

The most obvious sign involves the taste of your e-juice. If you notice that your cotton is getting darker and then you sense that your e-juice doesn’t taste as good as it used to, it’s probably time for you to go ahead and change your cotton. Your coil can also play a role in the taste of your e-juice, so if you notice a sudden change in the way your e-juice tastes, it could be because your coil has gone bad.

How often should you change the coil in your vape?

Most vapers need to change a personal vaporizer coil somewhere between every 1 to 4 weeks of usage. A general estimate would be 2 weeks, but again this comes down to tasting the difference and addressing that issue when it arises.

To address some of the most common issues when it comes to your vape, there are a few tricks to diagnosing an issue. Let's start by going through some common setting and how problems can arise and what solutions there may be.

Wattage Setting Too Low

Are you using a sub-ohm vaping setup?

If you are, then you’re probably using a tank with a fairly open airflow which adds to the efficiency of the wick, drawing more e-liquid to the coil.

Keep in mind that a low wattage setting, in this case, will take the coil longer to reach a temperature sufficient to vaporize e-liquid effectively. As e-liquid begins to enter the atomizer chamber before the coil gets up to temperature, the coil will end up flooding.

If you do happen to flood your atomizer, what will happen is that the e-liquid comes in contact with the coil first. The vapor has to travel through the e-liquid that’s clogging the atomizer, though — so the atomizer spits e-liquid into your mouth. This is unpleasant and avoidable.

One can easily prevent the atomizer from spitting by increasing your devices wattage so it vaporizes the e-liquid more efficiently.

Airflow Setting Too Open

Many of us prefer a cooler vape, it's simply a matter of preference but in these hot days of summer there's something to be desired with a cooler vapor. Maybe it's time to buy a menthol e-liquid though, because a lower wattage, as we just discussed isn't very effective.

Still, there has to be some solution to this heat issues right?

Try reducing your tank’s airflow setting to reduce the amount of e-liquid that gets to the coil. Don’t simply puff harder on the e-cigarette to compensate, rather, use the difference in air pressure do the work for you.

Most sub-ohm tanks have collars at the bottom allowing for adjustments in airflow. Simply twist the collar to expose less of the opening.

Atomizer Too Wet or Flooded

Rebuildable atomizers are great, you can customize all the features you want and the sky's the limit. However, in this case, you’re the one who controls the amount of e-liquid that reaches the coil. When you drip e-liquid into the atomizer, you need to be careful not to add so much that you drown the coil. Otherwise, the coil will spit forth e-liquid. Luckily, many rebuildable atomizers have very open chambers and wide drip tips — so your atomizer isn’t likely to spit e-liquid into your mouth. You will experience decreased vapor production, though.

Are you using too much e-liquid when dripping because you’re constantly getting dry hits?

If so, remove the atomizer enclosure and look inside your RBA when you get a dry hit. Look at the wicks. Are the ends of the wicks still wet, even though the middles are dry? Trim off the wet portions, allowing the ends of the remaining wicks to just touch the atomizer drip well and act as tiny mops.

You’ll experience less dry hits, and you'll likely fix the issue of flooding your atomizer.

Atomizer Wicking Too Quickly

Overly fast wicking isn’t usually a problem with rebuildable dripping atomizers or sub-ohm tanks with pre-built coils. However, rebuildable tank atomizers can sometimes work too efficiently. Since this is one of the most popular formats of vaping devices, something has to be done.

If too much e-liquid center chamber, the coils will flood and the atomizer will begin popping and spitting. Since an RTA also has a chimney leading directly to the mouthpiece, you’ll most likely end up with e-liquid in your mouth as well.

In an RTA, the wicks bridge an area of very low air pressure — the tank — with the chimney, which is exposed to the outside environment. When you rebuild your RTA, it’s important to use enough cotton to really fill those holes. Otherwise, e-liquid will seep into the atomizer more quickly than the coils can vaporize it. Just be careful not to use so much cotton that you actually block the holes. Otherwise, you’ll end up with dry hits and hot spots.

Whether you’re using an RDA or RTA, here's a hint: if you’re using so much cotton that you find it difficult to force it through the coil, you’re probably using too much.

We hope that this guide has helped answer your many questions about the nature of cotton and other wicking materials. May your woes be quelled with our knowledge, and if you're searching for other sources of information on vaping check out our blog.

Vision Spinner 2 compared to the Ego T 900

Many of us are years into the vape hobby. The kinds of gear we like, the e-liquid we buy or craft ourselves. These things shape us. However, rarely do get the chance to read a mashup of two products just on our horizon. So this is dedicated to you, vape connoisseur. May you enjoy this comparison and let us know your own thoughts and wisdom in the comments.

The Vision Spinner Review

The Vision Spinner is one of the new and innovative variable voltage batteries. One of the finest features of this battery is the built-in short-circuit detector. The people have spoken and now we see an end to the era of unexpectedly dead batteries with a handy power indicator and automatic battery cut out, which helps extend battery life and ultimately means getting the most out of your investment.

The Vision Spinner has been making a name for itself with a fashionable look with ten aesthetically pleasing colors to choose from and an upgraded PCB control head.

The Vision Spinner fits all 510/Ego threaded clearomizers. Not only does the additional battery power work well with these clearomizers, they also allow you to maximize the potential of variable voltage batteries by using different resistance atomizers in the different clearomizers. More on the variable voltage later.

These features and more are what merit this review and comparison.

So let's see what the Vision Spinner is up against in a theoretical battle, let's say you had to choose one.

Ego T Review

Up against the Vision Spinner design is the Ego T 900. Now, we realize these are two different formats of vaping. However, it begs the question, just what do you want in your vape arsenal?

Well, the ego T was created by Joyetech who designed this ever-popular vaping pen with several qualities in mind. The designers wanted a pen that produced a quality taste and vaping experience but also focused on portability and style. Think compact and functional but without sacrificing any of the things we love about large format devices. Sounds too good to be true right?

They created a tank atomizer that was easy enough to slip into your pocket and have a charge that would last all day long. Great!

As with other e-cigarette batteries, simply click the V button five times to turn the battery on or off.

It is good practice to turn the battery off when it’s not in use or when you are carrying it around in your pocket or bag. This prevents accidental firing and prolongs the battery life.

Keep in mind that the use of brick chargers that are common with smartphones do not pass enough current to the battery and will damage your device, and depend on the manufacturer, invalidate your warranty. So play it safe. Keep in mind that the Vision Spinner is the highest capacity variable voltage eGo available on the market right now.

How to Use Variable Voltage with the Vision

Beginners can often be put off by the phrase variable voltage, but with the Vision Spinner 1650 it simply couldn’t be easier.

The Vision II features four different voltages:

3.3 V

3.8 V

4.3 V

4.8 V

To change the voltage, simply rotate the spinner at the end of the device until the red line aligns with the voltage required. Make sure to use the highest voltage sparingly and with caution.

Matching a high voltage device with the correct e-liquid is critical. Just as finding your perfect flavor is. Check our e-liquid finder here for a good resource.

What is a Cartomizer?

Cartomizers or “carts” come as either prefilled vaping cartridges or blank cartomizers.

However, the majority of users don't really bother to reuse them by refilling with their own choice of e-liquid. They simply toss them. If you want to channel your captain planet skills they perhaps it’s time you learn to refill them. Simply refill them until they start to taste a little different than the initial hits.

Blank cartomizers come free of any e-liquid. So, in the name of spreading less refuse, here's how to fill/refill a cartomizer. follow these directions to a T:

1. Remove the small white disc carefully with a thumbtack or toothpick. Push the tip of your chosen tool into the small hole and pulling out to one side.

2. Once removed, hold the cartomizer at a forty-five-degree angle. You can experiment with the amount you add as long as you don't overfill it. We think that five drops tend to be the perfect amount. As you drip your e-liquid into the cartomizer, rotating cart after each drip for an even fill. Now one can repeat this step after e-liquid is soaked into while filling until the device seems full. The perfect medium here is about twenty to thirty drops of e-liquid fluid.

3. After you replace the small white disc in the cartomizer opening one can let the device sit upright on an even surface for roughly ten minutes. After your patience is tested and the device is ready to go, attach to your e-cig battery for vaping. If e-liquid comes out while vaping, the cartomizer has been overfilled.

4. if you do have excess liquid after letting the device sit, let drain excess liquid into a towel but make sure to clean thoroughly.

Cartomizers Vs. Clearomizer

So these are the two styles we have here today. Just which one will fit your vaping style?

In the world history of vaping (back when screwdrivers were commonplace), electronic cigarettes were birthed with atomizers and cartomizers. You can think of them as the Adam and Eve of vaping. Although these were great inventions, it took the snake of temptation to venture us out into the vast world of modifications. One of the first modification that had to take place was a way to visibly see your e-liquid level inside your cartomizer; preventing dry hits and giving insight into when to refill.

The way they designed the cartomizer to visibly see the e-liquid level, was to make the cartomizer itself clear with a thin plastic.

Since those days, times have changed into much more advanced clearomizers. In the beginning, clearomizers weren’t the best pick, but the clear view drew people in, and manufacturers fed off that and continually improved upon the original design. Clearomizers have now become one of the most sold products within the electronic cigarette market, even replacing the standard cartomizer that was offered in typical E-Cig Starter Kits. When you purchase a starter kit these days, there’s bound to be some type of clearomizer being offered.

A clearomizer is just like any other atomizer or cartomizer. However, the design of the clearomizer and the placement of its parts will be much different. In addition, a clearomizer acts just as an atomizer or cartomizer but performs differently. A standard atomizer or cartomizer has a wicking material that leads or positioned on a coil (wire). Once the coil receives power, the e-liquid reaching that wicking material will follow to the coil, and the coil will then be activated and allowing it to heat and vaporize the e-liquid. A clearomizer does the same exact thing.

There’s a whole slew of different clearomizers, some being small and others being large. They also may come in slightly different shapes and designs. The placement of parts may be different from others as well – some clearomizers having a top coil and bottom coil. Then, either type can have a single coil or dual coil.

Another key factor to clearomizers that make them the hit item that they are, is that instead of being disposable like an atomizer or cartomizer, the clearomizer body you will continue to use and will only replace the coil. Furthermore, the bottom coils last much longer than disposable atomizers and cartomizers, and even last longer and perform better than a top coil clearomizer. The reason for this is that bottom coils are surrounded by e-liquid and use gravity to feed the wicking material… instead of the coil being at the top and relying strictly on the wicking material to pull the e-liquid upwards. Top coils have been known to have a huge issue with wicking – so maybe it’s time to find a proper solution if this is what ails you.

What About Dual Coil Clearomizers?

Dual-Coil Clearomizers and Glassomizers work in essentially the same way as single-bottom-coil ones. The only major difference for the vast majority of these devices is the way the coil system is set up.

To further elaborate, a bottom-dual-coil device contains a tank, a drip tip, a base, and an atomizer coil. The difference is that dual-coil devices contain two atomizer coils rather than one. Don’t be mistaken, you won’t have two separate atomizers to replace. The atomizer heads are still one piece; however, they contain two coils within them rather than one. Examples of BDC clearomizers are devices such as the Aspire CE5-S

If you're looking for cloud chasing capabilities this is a great way to perform better by producing more vapor.

Overall we hope you feel a bit more informed when it comes to choosing between two products like the Vision Spinner and EgoT. For further reviews, buying guides, and informational posts, stay up to date with our blog.


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