Exotics Cherry E-Juice 15ML

Exotics Cherry E-Juice 15ML

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Like a basket of ripe cherries placed in front of you, this vape juice leaves your taste buds thinking where you found this amazing flavor. The smooth and light flavor also makes this cherry vape juice the perfect all day vape.
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Product Information

Exotics Cherry E-Juice is a premium cherry flavor with a fantastic light taste produced by the experienced flavorists at Lotus Vape using a black cherry flavor and carefully mixing in soft cherry blossom & sweet maraschino cherry for a well-rounded experience. This is a prime cherry flavor that you can vape all day. The vape of the future is here.

In the wide world of fruit flavors, one might want to step back from some of the sweeter flavors and try something more akin to a Summers day out picking cherries. Made in the USA with a blend of high-grade ingredients and FDA approved food-grade flavorings.

One of the best cherry liquids out there. Try it today.


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