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Forged in the heart of a juicy watermelon, Watanomenon is here to deliver the maximum amount of watermelon joy you've been needing in your life in that classic Nomenon way!

Watanomenon is a flavor that is likely to disappear quick, so get yours now!
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Watanomenon is similar to a bubble gum taste but matched perfectly with watermelon. If you're searching for a candied e-liquid then this is a great go-to flavor for your vaping needs. Nomenon has developed a cult-like following for their take on these flavors and although the market is flooded with a sweet e-juice and candy-coated flavors, it's often difficult to find a flavor that is as well balanced as those that Nomenon produces. So sit back, relax and enjoy the flavor profile that they've curated in the amazing Watanomenon.

A great candy vape with that is nostalgic but fresh! A transcendent vaping experience awaits.


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