Noms X2 Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin

Noms X2 Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin

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A heavy juicy vape that has great flavor and cloud production. Cactus mixing with the savory jackfruit finished off with the citrus of mandarin orange. Crazy, but incredibly delicious. Give it a go!
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A Noms X2 product with a distinct flavor that is at once powerful and balanced. If you're looking for something unique that works great to satiate your palate, well look no further. Satisfy your need for flavor throughout the day and relax with a bright and shining cactus and jackfruit mixture. Sure, it's a unique profile, but one that the expert e-juice blenders are wild about.

Jackfruit is both the name of the fruit and of the tree, it grows on. Jackfruit grows on both the branches and trunks of trees that can reach up to sixty-five feet in height. You won't have to climb that high to enjoy the taste with our vape.


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